A Tribute to Elvis

A Tribute to Elvis is a passionate and beautiful recording offering 72 minutes of some of my favorite Elvis songs.

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Romancing the Piano

Romancing the Piano is a beautiful CD taking the listener through popular American songs in style, perfect for a romantic dinner or anytime you want to relax and enjoy soothing music. 

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I hope you enjoy my latest CD, A Tribute to Elvis. This recording is my tribute to the artistic immortality of Elvis Presley. His beautiful and passionate voice and music has influenced me since I was a child.

This recording is my gift to Elvis and his legacy. I thank God I am blessed to have the opportunity to present this inspired performance of Elvis's songs.


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A Tribute to Elvis "by Glenn Toussaint, songs just at the piano

"Mr. Toussaint is a great pianist, an artist at the piano! He is also a big Elvis fan since he was a child. He can "sing" the piano with his exceptional compositions."*

*Published 9 February 2014 by web836 on Elvis Presley - Memories

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